Create a Layout

Note: Before creating a layout, the user should make sure that either a template is available or the user should create a template.

  1. Go to the subsite for which a new layout has to be created.
  2. Click on manage layouts option.
  3. Now, click on the ‘Select Templates’ option residing on the editing toolbar. 
  4. A list of template/templates will pop-up, select one template or the user can select all by clicking on the checkbox and then clicking on the select option. 
  5. After selecting the template, the user will be redirected to the Layout Manager screen, from there select the desired template from the Subsite Template section.
  6. Click on the Add tab and then select the Layout option from the drop-down. 
  7. Enter the layout details in the New Layout wizard:

Step 1- Details

  • Title: Give a specific name to the layout.
  • URL: Link to access the layout.
  • Description: Give an appropriate description for the layout for a better search results.
  • Delayed Publishing and Expiry: Set the layout to appear on the intranet after a certain date and time. To remove the layout from the intranet set and expiry date and time.
  • Click on Next.

Step 2- Security

  • The security can be set for the layout in order to control the users who will have specific security level to read, edit, create or contribute. The users can be added via the add users tab by selecting the security level from the drop-down.

Step 3- Owner (image)

  • Specify the Layout owner(s). Add an owner by typing on the search tab and once the owner is added, user can remove them by clicking on the checkbox of the owners list and then clicking on the owner button just above the owners list.

Step 4- Templates

  • Click on the select template tab and a list of available templates will be populated. Click on the checkbox of the desired template and then on the select option.
  • Click on the Create tab.

  • Adding Components:
    • Click on ‘Components’ on the Editing toolbar.
    • Select the desired component and drag it to the required cell.
  • Saving a Layout:
    • Click on the Save tab and a drop-down list will appear. The user must select the State to save the layout. 
    • There are three states:
      • Draft: when a layout is in Draft, it can only be viewed and edited by the user who has saved the draft.
      • Staging: when a layout is in the Staging mode, it can only be viewed and edited by the users with certain Security Level.
      • Live: when a layout is live, it cab be viewed by users with the Security Level to view that area of the site.
    • The user can directly apply the layout to the subsite immediately by clicking on the checkbox for apply this layout and then click on the save tab.

Edit a layout

  1. Navigate to the subsite for which the layout has to be edited.
  2. Click on the Layout Manager link on the Generic toolbar.(image)
  3. Click on the checkbox of the layout from the list. (image)
  4. Click on the edit option. (image)
  5. Now, click on the Layout option from the drop down list. The user can also select the Subsite Template option in order to Edit the applied template directly.
  6. Click on the Live option.(image)