Managing layouts

  • Properties- related to the page are managed via the following categories; Details, Owner(s), Version Control and Discussion. These options relate to the overall management of the Layout Manager.
  • Details- the user can set the Layout Title, Layout URL, Template information, Description, Publish/Expiry Date(s).
  • Owners- here you can view/edit the owner(s) of the layout.
  • Version control- link it to the managing layouts:

User can manage the different versions in the layout. Version control gives version information to the user that documents changes made to the template, as well as permits the authorized user to revert to a previous version if required.

  1. Select the Radio button to revert to an existing version of the relevant version.
  2. Now, click on the Revert button.
  3. Select the View link located on the right of the relevant version in order to view an existing version.