Creating a Quiz 

1. Select Add Poll from the Quick Poll menu

2. Select what type you would like to create: Poll or Quiz 


3. Enter the quiz Question (eg. What day comes after Thursday?)

Select Active to make the quiz available to users on the intranet.

(Note: multiple votes are not allowed for quizzes)


4. Enter the quiz Answer(s).

By default, 2 text boxes are available for answers.

Click Add Answer to add additional answer text boxes.

Nominate which of the answers is the correct answer by selecting the applicable radio button. After the user has submitted their vote, the correct answer is revealed and displayed.

Include a Read More Link; this is optional and can be a link to more information about the quiz subject matter or similar if required. The Read More link - if it has been set in the admin - will appear after the user has submitted their vote.

To remove an answer, click Remove 


5. Once all answers are entered, click Next to continue.


6. Review the details, click Back to make changes.



7. Click Finish to save.

8. Important: For an active quick poll to be visible and accessible for users on the Front End of the intranet, it must be added to the Layout structure of the subsite.

You can add multiple Quick Polls to the layout if required; visit Layout Manager  (Add Link) for more information on setting up the structure of a subsite.